Ingrid Weckström
I work with my subconscious in various ways. Dreams and thoughts crystallize into paintings, works of art in the shape of clothes, and objects often made out of recycled material. On this site, I would like to tell stories rather than to promote myself. The stories I want to tell in the shape of paintings, drawings and pictures touch on my favorite subjects: Dreaming, relationships (to other and to the self), childhood and playing. I believe in art as communication and responsibility, and I want it to create unity rather than postmodern separation.
Shades of grey
Visual poetry
Self portraits
Plausible personas
I, You
As for my writing, I gather inspiration from introversion and extroversion, from studying languages, from reading and from talking to people. It is possible to mix the rational with the creative -and in this process, language becomes something entirely different. As in one of my dreams, words suddenly exist in the physical world, they have a shape, they weigh down your hand when you hold them in your palm, and so on. As a result, I made some "reproductions" of words I have stumbled upon in my imagination. They're found in the section Visual poetry.